The Suspension of Disbelief in Politics is Hard

Tim Bean



I love you man!

Only in the world of politics can you damn near curse the very existence of your opponent and then have them serve as Secretary of State in your cabinet.  Of course there I am referring to the primary battle Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had for who would be the Democrat’s Presidential nominee.  People tend to forget that that was not a very friendly primary, and yet when all of the dust settled President Obama nominates Sen. Hillary Clinton to his cabinet as Secretary of State; arguably the most important cabinet position.  Yep, the world of politics is a strange, strange place.

Well, during this Presidential election year it was the Republican’s turn to treat the public to an eye, and an earful of why one candidate is the worst possible choice in the entire world to be President of the United States.  As we all know, because it is all we heard about for months, Newt Gingrich AND Rick Santorum piled on then Republican front-runner and now presumptive nominee Mitt Romney.  Mitt gave it back as best he could, but he was essentially a punching bag for both Newt and Santorum for months on end; and yet he (Mitt) is the last man standing to receive the Republican nomination.

So, now begins the “pivot” as it is called in politics, where a candidate must now tone down the partisan rhetoric and move more towards the center, with the hope of attracting more of the so called “silent majority,” who are people who may be registered to vote with other parties, but could be swayed to vote for another candidate.  Well, for Mitt this pivot must be easy, since according to Newt and Santorum he was never a “pure” Republican (whatever that is) and entirely too moderate to represent the party in the general election, so at least he wouldn’t have to “pivot” far . . . sure, whatever.

The entirely ridiculous thing is how all of the Republican Presidential candidates who have dropped out of the race are now lining up to show their support for the man that they just couldn’t stand during the primaries.  You know when you go to see a movie you have to suspend a level of disbelief, well I am simply unable to muster the level of disbelief needed to honestly believe that Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich could fall in line so easily.  According to their rhetoric Mitt Romney was simply an Obama clone, and I don’t think it is any secret that the Republican Party has no love lost for our sitting President.  So, when I hear Rick Santorum gives his endorsement to who he called “the worst Republican in the country,” the cynic in me wants to explode.  But, that’s politics for you; it is a place where values and beliefs are contorted into nearly unrecognizable shapes and sizes, simply for the sake of getting elected and garnering favors.  That is why I could never run for public office, I realize the need for compromise to get things done, but at the same time there has to be some pride that is kept.

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