Irrational School Rules Disease Spreads to Loveland Colorado

Tim Bean



Did I Mention that You Can’t?


Yesterday I asked how many instances of activist school board rules is it going to take before voters, in the places where these elected know it all’s approve these mandates, decide they have had enough of zero common sense rules.  I guess we will have to wait for Election Day for the results, but I hope a message is sent via the voting booth that the citizens have had enough.

Sadly though the hits just keep coming, with the latest report coming out of Loveland Colorado, where school officials there have confiscated a student’s rosary beads – twice; because the officials feel that these beads can be (not that they ARE, but they CAN be) affiliated with gangs.  Wow.  That just boggles my mind.

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So, let’s see here.  Some numbers are deemed gang related, so they cannot be worn/displayed.  Some college apparel is deemed gang related, so they cannot be worn.  Rosary beads cannot be worn, because they are deemed gang related.  What pray-tell isn’t gang related?  Maybe we all should wear non-descript, gray, government issued jumpers, just like in the book/movie “Nineteen Eighty-Four?”

I mean we are at the stage where governments at the local, state, and federal levels are busy telling us all what is and isn’t appropriate to eat, and drink, so why not have them tell us what to wear too?  It seems that no one out there really cares anymore about all of this nanny state crap.  It seems that the majority are simply willing to go along with all of these mandates, so I guess everyone loves giving away their rights and privileges to bureaucrats.

The fact that we keep electing yahoos who are all too eager to tell us how we should live our lives, tells me that we don’t want to actually live free; we apparently want to be controlled.  If that is truly what everyone wants, then we are well on our way.  If that is really everyone’s desire to be full-on wards of the state, then why even hold elections anymore?  We should all just surrender our lives to our lords and masters and be gracious for all of their beneficence.  There was a period in history where people lived that way and it had this really swell name given to it.  It was called the Dark Ages, when the lords and barons ruled by decree, and the masses toiled away to support the ruling class, being allowed to keep just enough from their labors to subsist.  Oh, I am sure it was a beautiful time, thus the bright and sunny name applied to it.

Obviously I am being facetious, but until We the People, actually decide that we have had enough of these ridiculous rules, and that we are the bosses of these twits, then I am afraid we ALL are going to continue to be subjugated to more and more directives on how to live.

Below is the list of all of the ridiculous school board/school official rulings updated for the Loveland Colorado incident.  It is far from what I would call a Christmas wish list – wait can I say “Christmas,” or is that offensive and gang related too?  Man are we doomed or what?


(1)    First we had a high school valedictorian in Prague Oklahoma who was denied her diploma because in her commencement speech she slipped up and said the word “hell” instead of “heck.”

(2)    Second we were “blessed” with news of a of school officials, again in Oklahoma, enforcing a zero tolerance on gang related apparel by having a 5 year old turn his University of Michigan t-shirt inside out.

(3)    Third, apparently the Oklahoma/Nebraska rivalry goes beyond the football field, because Grand Island Nebraska wanted in on the school board rules absurdity by banning a 3 years old deaf child named Hunter from signing his name, because the hand gestures too closely resemble a gun.

(4)    Fourth, well, we all know football is a very competitive sport, and sensing that the momentum of asinine school rules might be slipping away, the city of Greeley Colorado had to punish a 3rd grader for wearing current Denver Bronco quarterback, Peyton Manning’s jersey to school – because the school board has a zero tolerance policy on gang related things, like the number “18” (as well as several other numbers) which is the number Peyton Manning wears.

(5)    Fifth, we finally get a decidedly “blue” state stronghold to join the ranks of school lunacy, with a LA middle schooler, and honor student, being sent to the principal’s office because her leggings were too close in tone to her skin color.  The little girl is of African-American descent, and her leggings were brown.

(6)    We get this story out of Oregon; another bastion of “blue” state politics, declaring that a sandwich is a racist symbol, which must offend those who do not eat sandwiches.

(7)    Chicago is banning some lunches brought from home, because they feel these lunches are unhealthy – forget what the parent thinks.

(8)    Yep, we are now up to number eight with the city of Loveland Colorado confiscating a student’s rosary beads – twice – because school officials there feel that these beads can be (not they ARE, but they CAN be affiliated with gangs).

Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.  (Herbert Marcuse)


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