Whitney Kropp Gets Some Good Karma

Tim Bean



Let’s talk about karma; you know the ancient Indian concept of action, or deed in relation to cause and effect?  Most people like to think of this concept as wheel like, in that for every action or deed turns the karmic wheel, so that whatever that action or deed was will eventually reap benefits or punishment, depending on the good or bad nature of that action or deed.  I guess a more western idea of this is the notion of what comes around goes around; and sometimes it does in fact seem that the God, or the universe, or whatever your spiritual beliefs are, does right a wrong.

Take for example the story of West Branch Michigan teen Whitney Kropp.  She was selected to be on her high school’s homecoming court, not because she is the most popular girl in school, but because there were some students who thought it would be a fun way to continue to pick on her.  Yes, I said continue to pick on her, Whitney was the target of being picked on, teased, and bullied prior to her nomination to the homecoming court, and apparently those who liked to pick on, tease and bully her thought it would be downright hilarious to have her appearance in the court as the ultimate prank.  I guess it was supposed to turn out like in Stephen King’s novel “Carrie,” but without the supernatural stuff going on.

Notice how I said “it was supposed” to turn out like “Carrie,” that is because it didn’t; and this is where one’s faith in the goodness of fellow people, and if you are so inclined to believe in it, then karma too comes into play.

Once the word got out about this pathetic attempt to humiliate Ms. Kropp, there was an immediate response by other West Branch townspeople, more compassionate students then those who launched this prank at her high school, and perfect strangers, all of whom were in support of and for Whitney.  A local salon offered to do Whitney’s hair for free, and other local businesses paid for her dinner, gown, shoes, and tiara.

Despite all of the outpouring of support though, Whitney Kropp still wasn’t too sure that she actually wanted, or would attend the homecoming ceremony.  Given that it was still intended as a mean spirited prank by those who bullied her, I guess few could blame her if she decided not to go – but go she did.

Upon her name being announced at the homecoming football game’s halftime the stadium erupted with applause from both the home and visitors section, which I am sure must have put a little more crow on the plates of those who wished to humiliate Whitney in a very public way.  Instead this young woman was rightfully celebrated, and she was granted the last laugh; though reading about her tells me that she is more a “turn the other cheek” type of person, not the type to get delight from the embarrassment of others.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone were that way?

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