The Most Divisive Election

Tim Bean



Tonight is the only Vice Presidential debate of this very contentious election, squaring the GOP’s VP candidate Paul Ryan against the current Democrat VP Joe Biden.  It should every bit as “illuminating” as the first Presidential debate was last week.

I put the word illuminating in quotes because while Mitt Romney appeared to win that debate, the information that was provided by both he and President Obama was about as detailed as a Rorschach ink blot test.  What I mean by this is that people in the case of that debate, heard what they thought, or wanted to hear.  It was all subjective based upon our individual biases and filters; I don’t think either candidate actually explained anything of real substance that actually addresses any of the real problems our country currently faces.  In fact take a look at this mash-up that the Daily Kos put together where Mitt Romney contradicts himself – again.

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Then there is President Obama’s campaign grasping at straws by releasing a new political ad attacking Mitt on his wish to defund PBS, and Sesame Street.

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Talk about making a hyperbolic mountain out of a rhetorical mole hill, and perhaps the most revealing thing is that PBS has asked the Obama campaign to quit running this advertisement, because, believe it or not, that organization aspires to be nonpartisan; sadly though the Obama campaign has attempted to make everything partisan and political; and dare I say that they encourage partisan and divisive actions.

Take for example VP Biden’s ridiculous and horribly divisive speech he gave in front of a predominately African-American audience, claiming that Mitt and the Republican’s wish to put, “…y’all back in chains.”  This was met with apologists from the blue side, condemnation from the red side, and barely a peep of clarification or explanation from the Obama/Biden campaign.  He is free to say what’s on his mind though, which he often does.

There was the condemnation of those twits who released a film aimed at inflaming anti-Muslim sentiment and has been attributed to the multiple uprisings in the Middle East, as well as the death of four Americans.  The condemnation reached the point where President Obama, and others of a decided hue of blue, alluded to the need to institute limits on free speech that might hurt someone’s feelings.

Yet when actress Stacey Dash declares her support for Mitt Romney and gets absolutely shellacked by many Obama supporters that include calling her racial epithets, and Snoop Dogg releases an Instagram picture of his list on why he isn’t voting for Romney, which includes the comment that he wants to kick Romney’s ass, and other unflattering comments, do we hear anything from Obama’s campaign that decries these examples of what some would certainly call “hate speech?”  Umm, no.

Look, I am all for freedom of speech, but when you are the same guy who has made repeated claims that he wants to end the rancor and divisiveness, then maybe shouldn’t you at least step up to the plate and ask that people take a chill pill – especially when you are the President of the United States of America, not just the President of the Democrats.

As many of you all know, I have no enthusiasm for either Mitt or Obama, let alone the GOP or the Democratic Parties that they represent, but I am still an American citizen and I find the level of absolute hate that is percolating to a boil between many people, because of this election, has me embarrassed, disturbed, and disgusted.  The fact that I really haven’t heard from either the red camp or the blue camp asking for their more fiery supporters to show some couth, and tolerance, tells me that neither camp is all that interested  in keeping the peace; sort to speak.  Rather they both seem to want to fan the flames that divide many, I guess all in the hopes of keeping their party bases energized?  I am not advocating a restriction of anyone’s right to free speech; I’m just asking why hasn’t either candidate tried to show they are the better person, by asking if we can’t tone down the vitriol just a tad.

So, tonight as we watch Ryan and Biden display their talents for obfuscation, lack of detail, and talking around the answers to questions, there will be someone who will be the perceived winner of this debate, but as long as we continue to pour fuel on the flames of divisiveness then there really are no winners at all.


The big divide in this country is not between Democrats and Republicans, or women and men, but between talkers and doers.  (Thomas Sowell)

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