Paul Ryan’s Controversial Photograph

Tim Bean



There’s a new “controversy” developing in this election over an egregious photo.  The photograph shows one of the most heinous things ever done by any politician – ever.  I mean it is so bad that I am certain that the simple existence of this photo will certainly sway the election.  Once I saw the picture myself, I almost threw up, it is that bad.  By the way, I am being as hyperbolic about this picture as the controversy itself.  In short, I am being facetious, because quite honestly the photograph is absolutely anything but controversial.

What is all of the hullabaloo about?  Well, it appears that Republican Vice Presidential Candidate was photographed washing dirty dishes at a soup kitchen.  I know, that is horrible isn’t it?

The “controversy” is that the campaign of President Obama is alleging that Paul Ryan was not actually washing dirty dishes, but was instead washing already clean dishes, and that the Photograph was staged; basically it was a campaign stunt.  This stems from the President of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society stating that he had heard from a volunteer that Paul Ryan was simply re-washing already clean dishes, which he then reported to the Washington Post on Monday.

Today however, that very same President of that very same organization has changed his tune, and is now telling everyone that Paul Ryan did, in fact, wash dirty dishes.  Whew; I am so glad that we got all of this cleared up, because it would be absolutely horrible if a politician actually staged a photo op during a campaign.

Apparently this is the kind of “stuff” that is considered vital information that the voters need to know about before they decide on who they are going to vote for come Election Day on November 6th.  Forget anything that might actually revolve around real issues facing our country.  You know things like our growing national debt, our still sluggish economy, the continued war in Afghanistan, the weakening dollar, rising food costs, rising energy costs, taxes, the eventual bankruptcy of Medicare, and Social Security.  None of those things can possibly be as important as a candidate possibly using an appearance at a soup kitchen as an opportunity to gain favor; because no candidate has ever done that before have they?


The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning.  (Adlai E. Stevenson)

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