Tired of Holding Your Nose When Voting?

Tim Bean



I know most people are going to vote for either the Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, or our current President, Barack Obama.  It is kind of understandable, considering the fact that both those parties are quasi subsidized by the government, the government that both of these parties maintain control of, and the fact that both of these parties created and comprise the leadership of the Commission on Presidential Debates; as well as the large number of people who are registered as either Democrats and Republicans.  All of those facts make it quite hard for any other candidate who isn’t running under either the red or the blue banners to garner enough of the public’s attention to even come close to anything but what the media calls a spoiler.

Despite those facts though, it doesn’t mean that everyone who is registered as a Democrat or a Republican is 100% satisfied with the candidate(s), party planks, rhetoric, and track records of whichever party they have registered.  Then there is the fastest growing segment of America’s political landscape, which are those who have become so dissatisfied with either of the big two political parties, for whatever the reason, that these people have chosen to change their party affiliation to independent.

According to voter registration records there are roughly 70 million registered Democrats, 55 million registered Republicans, and 42 million registered independents.  42 million “unaffiliated” registered voters is too large a number for either of the two big establishment parties to ignore, which is why following the primaries, or upon a candidate’s election to office, we see them (the candidates) migrate towards what is regarded as the political center.  What it doesn’t mean though is that all of those 42 unaffiliated voters immediately go out and realign themselves with either the Democratic or Republican parties.

One can assume that the reason why so many people are fleeing both parties (statistically more people are fleeing the GOP than the Dems as this 2008 Pew Research reports shows) is due to a growing dissatisfaction over how our country is being governed – but you know what they say about assuming anything.  Nonetheless, the vast majority of people, regardless of their political alignments, are going to cast their votes for one of the two choices they believe they have.  Some will gladly vote for either the Democrat or the Republican, while others will hold their nose and vote for whichever one they see as the lesser of two evils.

What if you are so completely disaffected, dissatisfied, that you simply cannot bring yourself to vote for either?  Unfortunately for many of those who feel that way they will simply opt out, and not vote.  However, if you still wish to participate in our democratic process, then maybe, just maybe, you may wish to vote for a candidate that isn’t a representative of either of the two establishment parties.

Odds are that if and when you go to your respective voting booth there will be at least three choices on the ballot for the office of President of the United States (as well as many other offices), that third choice is more than likely going to be Gov. Gary Johnson.

Sadly though, because of the reasons I mentioned at the beginning (and more), the vast majority of those dissatisfied voters will not have any clue who Gov. Gary Johnson is, let alone where he stands on the issues.  Well, the below chart from the Libertarian Party (the party which Johnson is representing) shows the distinct difference between both he and the Libertarian Party from either the Democrat or the Republican parties and their candidates.

So, for those who are tired of holding their noses when voting, and those who have essentially given up, and quit voting altogether, maybe you could consider casting your vote another way?  Sure, the odds are long at best that Gov. Johnson could win this election, but maybe if enough people vote for him (or one of the other third party candidates) then a message will be sent to whomever wins the election that they do not have a mandate of the people, and realize that business as usual in Washington just isn’t going to cut it anymore.  One can hope right?


Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.  (Plato)

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