Double the LP Kick-off was a Success

Tim Bean



Last night I attended the Libertarian Party’s official Double the LP kick-off event at Dal Toro iL Ristoranti Italiano, inside the Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino.  I have to say that despite this event being hastily put together, and on a relatively small budget, it came together rather well – though not without some technical issues, which I will talk about a little later.

For those who may not have heard, the Double the LP campaign is the first concerted effort of the Libertarian Party in fourteen years to (1) drive membership and (2) gain more exposure in America’s political discourse.  The goal is simple, to double the Libertarian Party’s membership; thus the name – Double the LP.  While this is the first campaign, organizers and originators of this campaign, Jillian Mack, and Brett Pojunis say that it isn’t going to be the last.  Their plans are to hold similar campaigns next year too.  This is very good news to here if you are either a current member of the Libertarian Party, or simply a liberty minded individual; because for many that fall into either of those two groups you undoubtedly are left more than a little frustrated every election year; knowing that the odds of the candidate(s) you favor winning are slim to none and that many of the two establishment party candidates do little to actually advance the concepts of liberty.  So, each of successive membership campaign brings in more like minded members, grows the Libertarian Party, and increases the chances of Libertarian candidates in getting elected to office.

Now, back to the official kick-off event; the venue was fantastic.  Attached to the restaurant is an exotic car show room, which is where the kick-off festivities were held.  As a bit of a car nut I was in a little corner of my own personal Nirvana there.  I was particularly drawn to the authentic 40th Anniversary Shelby 427 Cobra; signed by Carroll Shelby himself, and was for sale for a mere $130,000.  However I wasn’t there to drool, I was there for the event.  Attending the event was of course the Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidate, Gov. Gary Johnson, stand-up comic Doug Stanhope, and current light-heavyweight boxing champion Ronald Johnson.  They and the two organizers, Mrs. Mack, and Mr. Pojunis, sat at a dais of sorts and discussed the goal of the Double the LP campaign, and what it means to be a libertarian (small “L”).  This is where the technical difficulties came in.  The event was being videotaped, to be posted online; however it was plagued with sound issues – the microphones didn’t want to cooperate.  Undeterred, and like true show people, they carried on, and quite honestly Doug Stanhope, and his humor, really helped to save the day.

Following the intro and discussion mentioned above everyone mingled and I, as well as many of my other friends who were in attendance gladly spoke with those who were now intrigued about the Libertarian Party, and wanted to get more involved; that right there tells me that this event was a success, uncooperative microphones or not; and that the subsequent events should be even more successful.

Brett Pojunis, C. Micheal Pickens, Doug Stanhope, Jillian Mack, Ronald Johnson

If you will call your troubles experiences, and remember that every experience develops some latent force within you, you will grow vigorous and happy, however adverse your circumstances may seem to be.  (John Heywood)

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