Help Feed the Starving (for information) Voters

Tim Bean



Hey, here’s a secret, this Presidential election is going to be close.  Okay, I was being facetious, it isn’t a secret whatsoever, everyone knows that this is going to be a very close election.  I am even willing to bet that members of the Yanomamo tribe, who are isolated deep within the Amazon rain forest, know how close this election is going to be.

The essential tie between Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama is so close that the statistical margin of error could very well be what puts whichever of these guys over the top and in the Oval Office.  It should also be no surprise that this dead heat race is why those coveted “undecided” voters are being pursued like a cat chasing a mouse.  Though I have to wonder how many people could still be undecided this late in the game, but I am sure that there is at least one of the Yanomamo who has yet to decide which of these guys they like least enough to vote for the other guy.


I think this close race actually says more than what many pundits will, or have declared.  I think it could/should be argued that this essential tie is more a reflection of the public’s dissatisfaction with both of these candidates (Romney and Obama) and their respective political parties (Republican and Democrat), than it is the public being torn as to which direction they want the country to be governed.

Wait . . . what?!

Think about it.  I have written several times about how the fastest growing segment of America’s voting public are those who have forsaken any political allegiance and have decided to venture into the political hinterlands, otherwise known as the land of the independent voter.  The media has barely discussed this political exodus, and has continued to cover our political landscape through the lens of the red and blue state dichotomy.  The very dichotomy that more and more people are disavowing; and went looking for something different.  Unfortunately because of the fact that the media has long since abandoned its political agnosticism and is now as partisan as any political party (I give you MSNBC’s blatant blue coverage, and Fox News’ blatant red coverage as the prime examples), then many of these people who are fleeing both the “D’s” and the “R’s” are essentially stranded and have to forage for their own information.

Some will find what they are looking for.  Others will not.  Many of those who don’t could grow so starved for something different, and the lack of any real coverage of anything that hasn’t dowsed itself in either red or blue gravy, that they will simply give up, and not vote.  To me that is not what we need in this country.  We do not need an even lower voter turnout than we already have.  We cannot have the only people voting are those who have pledged their allegiance to one party or the other, regardless of the candidates those parties throw up against the wall and sees who sticks.  We cannot have the media complicit in leaving an increasingly large percentage of voters starving for information.

It is undoubtedly too late to save the starving independents in 2012, but there is hope that something can be done for the 2014 mid-term election year, and the 2016 elections too.  So I challenge editors everywhere to help feed the information starved voters, and start covering candidates who aren’t of the two political food groups that many are led to believe only exist.  If this call to action goes unheeded then I fear we will have fewer voters actually participate in exercising their voting privileges, and that cannot be a good thing.

We are so cleverly manipulated and influenced by the media and establishments on both the right and left, that the truth has become hopelessly lost in semantics.  (Jules Carlysle) 

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