It Took Less than 12 Hours to Politicize Sandy

Tim Bean



Want to know why politics is a disgusting thing?  Why so many people simply don’t care anymore?  Well, all it takes is to look a natural disaster; and how our “honorable” elected aristocrats handle themselves, and what they say in those instances.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane for a minute and revisit the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.  I am from the Gulf Coast; fortunately my home town was spared from the utter devastation of that monstrous storm.  Sadly though that storm wreaked havoc from another of my favorite cities, New Orleans, and further east to Mobile Alabama; and almost instantly that storm was twisted into a politicized event.

This isn’t to say that I thought the efforts of officials at ALL levels were well run, let alone sufficient, especially in New Orleans; because I don’t.  There were failures across the board, from before the storm made landfall, to after the storm had passed.  Sadly though these failures led to finger pointing and everyone playing the blame game – rather than just trying to get things right; which is what I want from those who purport to be our leaders.

Now, let’s fast forward to what the media has taken to calling “Super Storm Sandy,” the devastation it has left in its wake along the much of the Northeastern United States.  I told a friend that I was deliberately avoiding the news of this storm, not because I don’t care, but because I cannot bear to hear someone politicize this event.  Unfortunately for me though, the news is ubiquitous nowadays, what with the internet, and all.  So despite my best efforts I was “treated” to the burgeoning politicization of “Super Storm Sandy,” in the Garden State; aka New Jersey.

Apparently Gov. Christie of that fair state has offered praise to President Obama for how he has handled things thus far.  To which the mayor of Atlantic City took exception of the Governor’s assessment (this is sounding familiar to the post Katrina stuff) and even (or rather of course) Rush Limbaugh had to chime in, ironically calling Gov. Christie a fat fool.

Isn’t it so nice that politics takes precedence over commonsense in the wake of a natural disaster?

Then there are of course all of the articles out there about how this is going to affect the election.  Isn’t that nice of the media being all concerned about everyone without power (at best) or their house was destroyed, or who has lost a loved one, by wondering how the candidates might be able to benefit from this tragedy?

So, since it seems no one else is saying it, my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are affected by Hurricane Sandy, and may your lives get back to some sort of normalcy sooner than later.  I especially wish to offer my condolences to the families that have lost a loved one from this storm.

To the media, hey guys the election will happen, so just take a chill pill, grow a heart, and think of something bigger than the next headline every now and again.

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