It’s the Final Countdown

Tim Bean



Well, our national nightmare is almost over.  In about 36 hours this election season will be over, and whoever wins the most electoral votes will be/remain our next/current President.

This has been a particularly contentious election, though to be fair, and honest, I would argue that that the last three Presidential elections have been particularly contentious.  While I don’t expect elections to be mutual love fests, I do wish there was just a just little more respect, and actual addressing of the real issues.

Sure, there has been talk to many of the real issues, but the talk quickly turns to finger pointing, and laying of blame.  The arguments almost turn into some sort of second grade affair, where I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear someone say, “I’m rubber, your glue.  Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks on you.”  Anyway, I haven’t really heard any real concrete policy details from either of the two big tent party guys.

Foreign policy?  Nope, nothing concrete, or entirely different.

Monetary Policy?  Nope, nothing concrete, or entirely different.

Health Care?  Well, anyone who actually believes that Obamacare will actually  be repealed, even if Mitt Romney gets elected, is more than a little delusional; so despite all of the tough talk, there will be nothing different.

Taxes?  Again a lot of talk that sounds different, but to be truthful both will raise taxes.  Obama says he will only raise them on the 1%, however once Obamacare really gets going full steam next year, most people will see some sort of increase in how much they pay Uncle Sam.  Mitt Romney declares across the board tax cuts, but closing loopholes.  The cuts sound great, but the loophole closure (if it actually happens) will essentially mean that most people will be paying at least the same, if not more to Uncle Sam.  Aside from rhetoric the results would be the same.

What about social issues?  This is a place where there are real differences rhetorically, but regardless of whichever guy wins, I highly doubt we will see any real change – substantive, or otherwise.

If immigration reform was of such high importance then you should expect someone to take that ball and run with it.  Alas, neither side really seems to have the stomach to do anything, for better, or worse.  The issue is simply a political football that one side uses against the other to garner votes.

Same sex marriage?  Nah, don’t expect either guy to really push one way or the other on that issue, again they simply like to talk to the subject and curry favor with one special interest or another, and get those votes.  Forget the fact that the government should really not be in the business when it comes to affairs of the heart, or the bedroom; as well as the fact that the status quo denies loving couples of the some 1000 rights that are granted to married individuals.  Sadly though, regardless of who wins this election I will bet that it is the status quo that will continue.

Abortion?  Oh, wow, does this one really get many people all in lather.  I am here to tell you that regardless of where you land on this issue that the status quo isn’t going to change anytime soon; regardless of whoever wins.

What can we expect to change?  Well, really nothing will actually “change.”  Though I can promise you, that regardless of the winner, the government will continue to grow; it will continue to spend more than it takes in (which is why we can expect higher taxes); it will be as intrusive, if not more, in our daily lives; it will increase its regulations on businesses of all sizes; and it will continue to be as active, if not more so, all across the globe.  So, maybe our national nightmare won’t end tomorrow night?  The only things that will end are all of those damn negative campaign advertisements.

For all of those who would like to hear two candidates actually address many, if not all of the above issues, and give their honest to God opinions, about them; as well as how they would like to implement real changes to the status quos, then I encourage you to tune into C-Span tonight @ 9 EST/6 PST for the last debate of this election, between Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein, and Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Gov. Gary Johnson.  They may not sway your vote come Tuesday, but they should give you something to think about – unless you are dyed in the wool red, or blue.

I wore black because I liked it. I still do, and wearing it still means something to me. It’s still my symbol of rebellion — against a stagnant status quo, against our hypocritical houses of God, against people whose minds are closed to others’ ideas.  (Johnny Cash)

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