Time to Think of Others

Tim Bean



The weather just isn’t helping those who live in the northeast, specifically coastal residents in New York and New Jersey.  First Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc throughout the region, and before all services, particularly electricity, can be restored along comes this nor’easter winter storm that is expected to bring more dangerous winds, more flooding, along with snow and plummeting temperatures, and even more power outages.  None of that is good news for an area still reeling from that superstorm.

Sadly there is little to nothing we can do to stop nature and the disasters that nature can bring; but there are things that we can do in the wake of natural disasters and those who are affected by them.

Obviously one thing that we all can do is donate money to any of a variety of disaster relief organizations.  There is so much truth to the statement that money is what makes the world go ‘round, and this holds true for charities too.  Without the generous donations of others no charities would be able to offer the services they are set up to do.  There are several post Superstorm Sandy relief organizations out there:

As you can see there are plenty of organizations that we can donate to and lend some sort of assistance for those suffering from Sandy, and now this nor’easter that is bearing down on them.  Of course we needn’t only donate to charities whenever there is a natural disaster.  These organizations can always need donations to carry out their missions, plus we must not forget that the holiday season is merely weeks away.

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