The Greater Tragedy and That Sound You Hear

Tim Bean



I’ve deliberately not posted much here recently because quite frankly I don’t think there are too many different things that are going on in our country’s political landscape that warrant much of my two cents.  That isn’t to say that there isn’t anything going on though.  Turn on the news and all we hear about is either the September 11th attack on our embassy in Benghazi Libya, and what the White House and its surrogates knew, didn’t know, and did, or could have done; and of course the looming fiscal cliff.  Of course both of these things are extremely political in nature, but I just haven’t felt too compelled to write too much about either.

Regarding the Benghazi attack, I find it quite interesting that the Republicans, and it’s “news” organization, Fox News (or as I have referred to it in that past, “Faux News”) want to hammer the sitting administration over its failures, both in response, and to its comments, as to what was the cause of the attacks.  It is interesting to me because those Republicans who are leading the charge in all of this are the same ones who were all on board for our country invading Iraq over that country’s presumed nuclear program, and it being a supposed training ground of and for terrorists – the evidence was never really too compelling to begin with, and we soon found after the invasion neither of which was true.  It is interesting to me the outrage these politicos and this “news” outlet have shown over what went down in Benghazi, over the untimely, tragic, deaths of four Americans this past September 11th.  Meanwhile, when compared to the invasion of Iraq, which again was based on false information, the official number of Americans wounded is over 33,000 (estimates go as high as 100,000).  When you add in the death of coalition forces, contractors, journalists, and academics, there are another 2600 dead.  Then finally when you consider the number of Iraqis that have died as a result of that falsely justified invasion, which ranges from the medical journal, The Lancet, study in 2006 of over 600,000 dead, and the most current estimate of almost 1.5 million people dead, I have to ask myself, which is the more tragic event; if both are filled with political omissions, inaccuracies, failures, and lies?

Sadly though, the media, and Faux News in specific, has long since abandoned any sort of real reportage, and simply grasps at the low hanging fruit of whatever is “Happening Now” (to use one of Faux News’ little segments) without caring about the who, what, where, and how anything happened.  In short, the media, like much of the public, has the attention span of a gnat with attention deficit disorder, and the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s (No offense to anyone who has, or has a loved one, with either of those disabilities).  Equally sad is that there will be many who will see the number of dead Iraqis and either not care, or even choose to believe that they deserved their deaths, regardless of whether they were innocent (not terrorists or Iraqi soldiers) or not, for those I suggest you Google “Iraqi Dead,” and then click “images” at the top; then scroll through the very graphic photos, and tell me that ALL of those men, women, and children “deserved” their deaths.  If you still think so, then Heaven help you.

The other big news of the day is the looming fiscal cliff, which I have written about here, and I could write even more about it, but I think I will share a segment of an email Gov. Gary Johnson sent out to supporters entitled “That Sound You Hear…” instead.  That’s right, he hasn’t simply crawled under a rock after the election, he is still around, and he is still genuinely concerned with the course of our country, and our freedoms, and by “ours” I mean ALL of ours.  Below is that segment:

Since the election, I’ve been able to spend some time at home in New Mexico, recharge my batteries a bit, and most important, watch what’s going on in Washington, DC – which is really nothing good. 

The news is filled with stories about the “looming fiscal cliff”.  Of course, in Washington, their definition of a “cliff” is that government spending will be cut next year by slightly more than $100 billion – IF Congress and the President don’t come to an agreement to cut spending by LESS than that. With a $16 trillion debt and trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, only in Washington would cutting $100 billion be viewed as an impending disaster. 

The real disaster – the real “fiscal cliff” – is the one we face if spending ISN’T cut by far more than $100 billion.  There are talking heads on TV saying, with a straight face, that cutting spending by a few small percentage points will devastate the economy. Where were those talking heads when the Democrats and Republicans were conspiring to run up an unsustainable $16 TRILLION national debt.  Who is pointing out the obvious:  That ridiculous levels of spending have already devastated the economy – and that the so-called fiscal cliff is a pothole compared to the real cliff that our Thelma and Louise government is driving us over.

And of course,  the “deals” on the table to prevent those $100 billion in cuts, along with $400 billion in tax increases, look very familiar:  Raise the taxes, and promise to cut the spending.  Sure, the Republicans and Democrats are arguing – at least for the cameras – over what to call the tax increases, but regardless, they’re all talking about solving their problem by taking more of our money.  And the spending cut promises?  As Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush learned the hard way, the taxes go up, but the spending cuts seem to never happen.

And here we go again.  Yes, that sound you hear is the can being kicked down the road.  The politicians will spend the next three weeks posturing and posing and pounding their chests, and then go behind closed doors and cut a deal to once again avoid dealing with the disastrous debt problem.

You and I know that this is exactly what will happen, UNLESS enough voices are raised to say “STOP!”  Stop the games, stop the posturing, and stop the political denial.

I will be one of those voices.  And with your help, we will make them listen.  It would be easy to sit on the sidelines and let this game play out, but that simply isn’t in my nature.  The future of America, the survival of economic freedom, and the liberty that government is destroying are all too important.

We may not have won the election – thanks to the rigged game our two-party duopoly has created, but I would strongly maintain that we won on the issues. More than a million Americans stood up for real liberty, truly smaller government, and bold steps to actually solve the problems the politicians in Washington are today kicking down the road.

It is ironic, but after an election that obviously didn’t change anything, our message has never been more timely nor more important.

The letter closes with a his request for donations so that he can continue to spread the message of smaller government, and the protection or our freedoms, which I hope beyond hope, that more and more people are warming to – if not then maybe we are all truly doomed – so if you are actually interested in your freedom, and you honestly believe that more government is not the answer, then you can follow this link to donate to help support that cause.  If neither of those things appeals to you . . . well then I guess we are well on our way towards whatever little state run, bureaucratic utopia (read Hell) you have in mind.


The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem. (Milton Friedman) 

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