Cliff Averted? A Definite Maybe

Tim Bean



1303321594-kick_the_can_Well, I’ve said it a couple of times now, and it turns out I will more than likely be right.  It does appear that our illustrious elected lords and barons will come up with an eleventh hour deal to avoid the so called fiscal cliff; or maybe a 13th hour deal that would be retroactive to the eleventh hour . . . huzzah!

At the time of this writing there are precious few details as to what this glorious steaming piece of legislation will comprise of, but there will be taxes raised on some (all of those evil people that have more money than you or I), and then the speculation is that our glorious leaders will table spending cuts until next year.  What’s that sound you hear?  Ah, it’s nothing but our government kicking the can down the road; but hey, at least the immediate future has been taken care of with ample amounts of duct tape, bubble gum, and bailing wire . . . and there was much rejoicing!

Seriously, there was much rejoicing, especially from the White House Press Corps when our lord and savior, President Obama sauntered to the podium to announce that there was no deal, but the talks are progressing towards a spit-ball solution.  Oh, and he beat the same old tired drum about a “fair and balanced approach” to reducing the deficit and national debt.  Unfortunately we never really hear what exactly he means by “fair and balanced;” and equally unfortunate, due to the apparent love fest the press corps has for our current President, no one among them dares ask Mr. Obama for details about his “fair and balanced” approach.  They just swoon, with lovelorn eyes and applaud his every move.  It isn’t just the White House Press Corps that was all giddy; it is all of those talking heads at the huge corporate media outlets that like to call themselves news organizations.  I mean they are downright giddy . . . Yippee!

So, as our collective sphincters relax, knowing that we won’t plunge over this fiscal cliff, which those folks we elected to office created themselves, we can now go about our business of not paying attention to anything, but the new season of American Idol – knowing that absolutely nothing will have really changed . . . Whew!


However, when you and your family sits down at the dinner table tonight, take a look around the table at your children and smile in the peaceful knowledge that they will be burdened with the cancerous debt that, by the time they’re adults, would crush the shoulders of Atlas himself.  Look into their eyes and beam with the pride that your cherished offspring will more than likely not live as comfortable a life as you or your parents did.  It’s okay, with any luck you might have passed from this Earth, and on into heaven; so you won’t have to worry about anyone’s problems anymore.  I mean the future so far away, and we have become so accustomed to instant gratification, that we rarely think beyond what we want for lunch, so who gives a frog’s flying fat ass about what could happen 10, 20, 30 years down the road?  Then, when they are peacefully asleep, gaze upon their innocent faces with the satisfaction that they will be the ones who will have to make the serious and hard sacrifices that no one of yours or my generation could possibly do; because we are entitled to succeed.  Our children on the other hand?  Meh, we’ll just kick that can down the road and worry about that later . . . Cheers.


There’s a problem with kicking the can down the road . . .  (Ben Bernanke 12/12/12) 

Ben should know he’s mastered the art of kicking cans down the road.

Happy New Year.

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