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Never Say Never

Tim Bean



keep-calm-NEVER-say-NEVERI have been deliberately quite for the past 19 days or so, not out of ambivalence, or from having nothing to say, instead it is out of sheer dismay, and more than a little disgust.  Some would say that is when one should be more vocal.  That that is the time to let one’s voice be heard, and there are truths to both of those lines of thought; but at the same time it is often when some people are feeling more than a little dismayed, and have feelings of disgust, and then voice that dismay and disgust, that they often stick their foot in their mouths; thus opening themselves to a backlash of criticism, and perhaps a little condemnation and ridicule.  A case in point would be New England Patriots wide receiver, Wes Welker’s wife, Anna Burns Welker, and her comments posted to Facebook about Ray Lewis, following Lewis’s team, the Baltimore Ravens, beating Welker’s team in the AFC Championship Game yesterday.  Sure, she has a right to voice her opinion, but maybe she should have let her emotions chill a bit before she decided to go to Facebook and “share” her thoughts.  Maybe that’s just me, but that’s how I try to roll, not always successfully mind you.

Anyway, I am still here, and I do still pay attention to current politics, and obviously a lot of things have happened during my silence; and some thing(s) happened that I didn’t comment on before I went silent; like the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.  First just let me say this; that was/is an absolutely horrific tragedy, perpetrated by a supremely disturbed young man (I am still wondering what in the hell is going on with the millennial generation of young men to drive so many to perpetrate these acts of incomprehensible violence, as written about here) and my heart completely goes out to all of those affected by this nonsensical act.  I may be a lot of things, but I am not without compassion; hell I get “misty” at touching moments all the time – weddings, movies, television shows, etc. – basically I am a big softy.  That being said though, another thought crossed my mind upon hearing about the Sandy Hook tragedy; and that was that the days are numbered for the Second Amendment.

I initially shared my thoughts on the clock ticking down on American citizens Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, as granted in the Bill of Rights following the Aurora Colorado movie theater shooting, with some of my friends who are sane, law abiding, gun owning citizens, and each one told me that it would never happen.  First, let me say, never say never.  That being said, following the Sandy Hook tragedy I think the level of media and public outrage had reached such a pitch (as evidenced by the irresponsible publishing of legal gun owners by a New York “News” [I mean news in the loosest way possible] paper) that it would be all too easy for politicians to now chip away at the Second Amendment; eventually leading to its eventual scrapping altogether.  Sure, despite Emperor Obama’s 23 Executive Orders on gun control, there is still a ways to go before the Second Amendment is relegated to the land of myth and legend, but given the state of things and the continued making of pariah’s of legal owners, I don’t think it is too hard to imagine that we are squarely on the path towards gun ownership being, if nothing else, so onerous and filled with regulation as to make it next to impossible for anyone to ever be allowed to own one – at best – if not making gun ownership/possession an outright criminal felonious offense – at worst.

Now, I must point out (again) that I don’t particularly like guns, not for any high moral, or ethical reasons, guns just don’t interest me.  However, I do have friends who do legally own guns, and a couple are gun collectors, and as mentioned earlier, they are sane, law abiding citizens too.  They aren’t wackjobs, lunatics, or any other broad negative brush some would like to paint ALL gun owners with.  They are proud parents, hard workers, small business owners, and several are church goers too.  They are den leaders for the Cub Scouts, coaches for youth athletics, active in their children’s PTA’s, and a couple even volunteer at homeless shelters and no kill pet shelters.  The point is simply this; gun ownership does not automatically equate to being some evil mastermind, bent on total carnage;  nor does it make one instantly become a Terminator, out to “terminate” Sarah Connor and in turn humanity.

Sadly though the pressure is so increasing by some to “do something” about guns, and the current tactic, by many, is to vilify anyone who owns guns, and to demonize anyone who dares to speak in support of gun ownership, regardless of how rational an attempt is made in that argument.  Heaven forbid you bring up any sort of attempt to explain the Second Amendment as a check against an overzealous government by the people, because then you will be told:

  1. that you are a paranoid conspiracy theorist
  2. that that was never the intent of the Second Amendment
  3. even if that were the intent, it is an archaic idea of the 18th century, and that we have nothing to worry about, because there is no way such a scenario could ever happen here.

Well, no matter how much I would like to believe in reason number 3, and though I will grant that their is some deliberate ambiguity in much of the wording of the Constitution on the whole, and in this instance the Second Amendment, as in reason number 2, and I will even grant that there are many people who are prone to conspiracy theories, as in reason number 1; I do have to go back to the age old adage, never say never;  because history is littered with examples of those who said never, and then much to their astonishment, never actually happens – and when it does, that never that happens tends to go rather poorly for all parties involved, and some worse than others.

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